Our Staff

Todd Little

Todd Little pic

Todd Little is the Executive Director of Advocacy, Choices & Empowerment (ACE), Inc. He has a degree in Psychology from the University of Akron, as well as continuing education, and additional graduate level work from Penn State University. His broad experience in social work and counseling agencies, having held various counseling and consultant certifications and positions, has placed him as a strong supporter and advocate for those who live with mental illness and are socially disadvantaged. Additionally, he brings ample experience supporting the bereaved and providing education on grief and loss.

As a bereavement consultant and facilitator, Todd has received statewide, national and international attention for the work he performed in support of grieving families. He has been a speaker at conferences, sensitivity trainings, teacher in-service sessions, and has worked with student groups from pre-school age to college students. For many years Todd wrote the Grief column for The Bargain Hunter newspaper. He has been featured in a variety of national publications and also recorded some of his most popular writings on CD.

He has served and held offices on the board of directors for the Muskingum Lakes Chapter of the American Red Cross, (the former) Hospice of Tuscarawas County, the Tuscarawas County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Dover Youth Football and currently serves on the Tuscarawas County Park Department Advisory Committee (Vice Chair), as a founding member of the Tuscarawas Valley Heritage, Inc. and with the Dover Tornado Club (Secretary). He is the proud father of triplet sons- Andrew, Taylor and Logan- and facilitates the Survivors of Suicide Support Group for Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties sponsored by the ADAMHS Board.

Marilyn Pryor

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Marilyn is Head Program Aide and Purchaser for ACE. She enjoys spending time with and helping our members. Marilyn has a wealth of experience that helps her in her job, having driven school buses, done cafeteria work and owned and operated a printing business with her late husband, Richard. She has attended continuing education classes through Buckeye Career Center and has been a long-time volunteer at her church (Church of Christ). She is a wonderful mentor and friend to all who come to ACE.

Janet Miller

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Janet is a Program Aide at ACE and enjoys her job because, as she says, "There is always a lot to do!" She cares about the members and has helped with a number of tasks in her time at ACE, including fixing meals, driving the van, grocery shopping and housekeeping. The part of ACE she likes best, though, is our people. Janet also works as a crossing guard alternate and has attended continuing education classes at Buckeye Career Center and conferences on mental illness.

ACE is pleased to be a partner of the Mature Services Senior Employment Program.

Maxine Hupp

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Maxine is a retired Licensed Social Worker working as a Program Aide for ACE and comes to ACE from the Mature Services program. She enjoys seeing the members of ACE grow and change, and she loves to help them do it- "It's exciting to come to work here!" Her husband, Brady, their band and their two dogs also play big parts in her life.

Pat Byers

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Pat comes to ACE and the Mature Services program by way of the deep south- Florida, in fact. She is a Program Aide for ACE, but has been Assistant Director for a hotline program, worked with neglected children, done sales and marketing, and owned her own business in the past. She attended North Georgia Military School and feels that, "At ACE the members are always first."

Judy Dickerson

Judy is a transplant from neighboring Harrison County and works as a Program Aide. She spent 8 years working in the home healthcare field and has also driven mail routes, prior to joining the Mature Services program and coming to ACE. Judy enjoys being at ACE and spending time with her daughter. She feels the people are very friendly and that "This organization helps a lot of people."

Marion Gray

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Originally from Mineral City, Ohio, Marion was one of the last graduates of the former Mineral City High School. She has been a Tuscarawas County resident most of her life, having lived in New Philadelphia since 2005, but most of her time in Tuscarawas County she lived in Newcomerstown. She also spent five years in Arkansas. Marion earned a cosmetology license from National Beauty College in Canton and had her own beauty salon in Mineral City. She also was a home daycare provider for most of her working life, and has worked in housekeeping for Riverside Manor. Having retired, she sought work through Mature Services and she feels fortunate to have been placed with ACE. Marion is widowed with one son and one daughter, and is the proud grandmother of five grandchildren. She has had exposure to mental illness through a family member, but has really gained a better understanding of peoples' needs since coming to ACE. What she likes most about ACE is helping in the kitchen with meals and cooking, but she is always willing to lend a listening ear to our members. When talking with Marion, there is a glint of happiness and exuberance in her eyes when she discusses her work at ACE. She sees ACE as "one big family". We are fortunate to have such a caring individual as Marion on our staff.